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The page collects links to various programs and texts that I've worked on. Some of them are actively maintained, some stuff is old.


I occasionally blog on software related topics and things I'm working on.

Web access control

wwwhisper is a privacy friendly system for sharing web resources in a convenient way.

Reflection Scan

An off-path attack on TCP exploiting a shared routing queue. Ps, pdf and a proof of concept.

Speech Trainer

A recording application for Android optimized for quickly recording and hearing back words, sentences or musical phrases. Source code is on github.


A one day hack based on Speech Trainer. The application replays everything you say with a short delay, which momentarily confuses the brain and disturbs speech. 'Great...when it is working' to cite one of happy users.

HTTP referer and phishing

HTTP referer passes sensitive information to untrusted parties, the information can be used to make malicious content seem trustworthy.

Intercepting HTTP traffic in Firefox

nsITraceableChannel allows Firefox extensions to intercept HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Firebug is one of the users. Jan Odvarko's post has more details.


An Intrusion Detection System for Firefox. The project is no longer maintained.

Out of Kernel FileSystem

An experimental virtual filesystem for Linux that works entirely at the user level and does not require any kernel patch or module. Source code and documentation is on sourceforge. If you know Polish, you may be interested in a Master's Thesis about OKFS. It starts with high level explanation of how Linux file system works.

Mingetty autorelogin

A mingetty productivity enhancing patch for dinosaurs that still work in a plain text mode. It allows to automatically log in with a name of a user that is already logged on some other virtual console. The feature is currently used by about 0 users, but the number grows exponentially. See patched version, original is on sourceforge.

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