Random notes

'A man provided with paper, pencil, and rubber, and subject to strict discipline, is in effect a universal machine.' (Alan Turing)

wwwhisper Heroku add-on

I’ve worked recently on making wwwhisper authorization available as a service for Heroku applications. This greatly simplifies wwwhisper setup and management. You can enable wwwhisper add-on for any Ruby based application with just 3 lines of config!

There is a demo application that allows everyone access. You can sign-in with your real email or with any email in the form anything@mockmyid.com

Following Heroku add-on development processes, the wwwhisper add-on is now in alpha testing phase and needs to be successfully used by several users before it can move to closed beta, then open beta and finally be officially released. If you want to help and try, please send me an email!

A grand plan is to offer a basic free plan and a fully-featured paid plan to cover the cost of infrastructure and support further development of wwwhisper. After the official release, people who volunteer to try the add-on in the testing phase, will get a paid plan for free :)