Shapespark is a company that my friend Wojtek and I have started, and it has been the center of our attention during the last couple of months.

Our goal is to build a tool for professional architects and interior designers to create WebGL-based real-time interactive visualizations. We focus on the quality of visualizations, utilizing physically-based rendering techniques to calculate lighting, which is crucial for giving 3D scenes a sense of realism. We are also experimenting with Oculus Rift, which turns out to be a quite useful tool for presenting architectural designs.

Our first visualization has already received compliments from many WebGL enthusiasts, including Mr.doob, the famous author of the Three.js library :D.

Overall, this is a very interesting venture, with so many new areas to explore. You can expect more WebGL-related content and demos on this blog, although we will probably start a Shapespark blog at some point.